Saturday, January 30, 2010

Little T meets Big T !!!

Hi Everybody,

Well, Elle and I were hanging out with the parents on Friday night getting ready to watch the Jazz pre-game show on TV when my Daddy realized that he had tickets to the game. Mom said...."why not take the girls to the game?". So off we go to our first Jazz game. As you know, we have been getting alot of publicity lately so its hard to go out into public without people noticing that you are twins and all. So, we are walking by the TV announcers in the arena and we get a shout out from Pace Mannion! "Yo! Girls! Can I hold you???" Some of you may not know who Pace is, but he is a famous Utah basketball player turned announcer on TV. His career record of 1.2 points per game is pretty memorable, so much so that Uncle Jared even has his old Jazz jersey! Anyway, we reluctantly agreed to do a picture with him.....

He's kind of a geek, but a pretty nice guy nonetheless...

Next thing you know, 'Big T.' (also known as Thurl Bailey) wants a picture with us too! We agreed again, but didn't give him an autograph or anything. That man is one tall dude! He is also an announcer for the Jazz and played for them alot more than Pace did.....

Then, we hit the stands and start watching the game. Pretty exciting stuff. During half time, they retired Hot Rod Hundley's microphone (Jazz announcer for 35 years or something!) and raised a banner next to Karl and Stockton and the rest of them. The crowd was so excited with all the celebrity in the arena that they chanted for me to stand up and take a bow, which I did reluctantly. The attention was getting so overwhelming that Elle and I decided to go home after the third quarter to avoid all of the attention we would get at the end of the game.

Need less to say, all of this excitement required us to eat every two hours the rest of the night! Elle's gonna have to watch her figure because she is gaining weight and is starting to bust out of the premie diapers!

We are working on a better strategy to ditch the paparazzi but letting them have a picture every now and then is just part of the territory. Love to everyone.

Taylee Jean (a.k.a. T-Bug or 'Little T'....)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets Party!

Late Night Party!

Date: January 21, 2010

Time: 2:00 a.m. - 5:00 a.m.

Place: Elle & Taylee's Crib

BYOB (Bring your own Bottle)

No Sleeping allowed!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why does my family need so much sleep?

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that Taylee and I are doing just fine! We had our first doctor visit this week and Dr Charlie sez that we are checking out just like we are supposed to be. We have gained weight since coming home, and are doing all the right stuff that babies are supposed to do. What did that get us?.....another stick in the heel...OUCH!

We have been steppin' out on more and more field trips and getting around a bit. That means that we have to looking good as well. I thought I would try a new hat just to change things up. Pretty stylin', huh? Mom likes to sneak us in to head bows...Dad says that they are cute and at least they aren't the 'glue on' kind!

The part that we cant figure out is why our parents seem so tired? We sleep...they sleep as far as we know; we eat, they far as we know. But you can see here that even Grandpa needs some extra snoozing when he is around us. Dad loves to have us on his chest and we like it too.

Anyway, life is pretty darn good. We get lots of love and care from everyone around us. We are doing our best to fill up the landfill, according to my dad...but what can we do about that?

Love to everyone!

Elle and Taylee

Friday, January 15, 2010

Outdoor Adventure

Hi Everyone. Sorry that we haven't written lately, but we have been too busy keeping our mom and dad awake all night long. We decided that we have finally taken in all there is inside of our house and thought we should see what it was like outside. Our mom got us dressed up in our "bear" suits and we went for our first walk around the block. We loved it. Maybe we will get big enough to acutally fill out our "bear" outfits before it is too warm to wear them anymore.


Taylee & Elle

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Swimsuit Issue

Hi Everybody! Elle here. Let me say from the outset that my Dad is a geek! We all know that every man out there subscribes to Sports Illustrated every year just so that he can get the "Swim Suit Issue"...Taylee and I have been photographed so much in our short one week of life that we feel like supermodels! We seem to have a built in agent in our dad. However, we are still waiting for the call to come from SI, but it should be any day now given these photos. Our agent continues to campaign on our behalf.....But, I mean, do you really think that the Delta Reservation Agent really cares that we are extremly cute when he was making reservations for us to come to Ryan and Missy's wedding???

So convinced that we are nothing short of spectacular, our friend and photographer Katie came over for a photo shoot.

Katie has a gift, and a great eye for color, lighting and composure. The result you can see here. Look how beautiful we are with our Mom...the best Mom ever! Once again, we are so lucky to have the friends that we do. We donned our dress up diapers and hats for the photos. We don't have a beach here in Utah so a fuzzy blanket had to make do. I think that we look pretty good!

People always wonder, "what it would be like to be a supermodel"? The fame, benefits, perks, attention, meals, and the clothes...Taylee and I are just waiting for the sports car...Sleep is limited given all the attention. Our parents say that we should let all the attention slip by and sleep more. Well,.... we'll see...

Love to you all,

Elle and Taylee

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Magic Continues...

Hi Everybody. Taylee here again. Just want to give everyone an update on how my sister and I are doing. I know that everyone thinks that I am the "runt of the litter" because I lost a bit of weight but I am coming on strong. To really understand this, you have to look at a bit of history.

Here is my sister and I on day three of our lives. She is the one on the left looking a little grainy, if I say so myself. Our pediatrician says that there is always a risk of comparing one twin to another. For example, "she has dimples and the other one doesn't"...."her hair is curly and hers is not" etc. We were told to resist this temptation, of course. But, I would like to point out that my cells are looking a lot better, more refined, and less grainy than my sisters. (even if I ended up a little smaller...)

The miracle is how we have evolved from there. All of Elle's imperfections, (if I say so myself) are almost indistinguishable now that we have arrived. We even got to dress up as twins today!

Since my parents love sports, we decided to have a bit of a relay last night where Elle and I kept tagging each other to "go in" for a feed. Worked like a charm! Persistence wore the home team out and we ended up with full stomachs and got to sleep most of the day. The parents look a bit droopy, however.

Well, need to sign off now. My dad keeps talking to me about potty training....I think its a bit early since I am only 6 days old. Also, given his track record when he was my age (and a lot older)..I will take my time.

Love to you all,


Sunday, January 3, 2010

My sister needs some work on personal hygiene...

Hi Everybody! Taylee Jean here. I know that you have been hearing from my sister all the time so I thought it would be time to give my side of the story. OK, so maybe I was the one who was acting up in the hospital, but Elle got to have the first distinction when she got home.

Well, it was time to go home so my Mom got us dressed up in some really cute outfits (I'm the adorable one on the right if you couldn't tell...) and we loaded up in the car for our first car ride home. Once we got home and had the first feed in our new house, Elle had what I would say was nothing short of a 'Nuclear Explosion' and pretty much trashed that cute outfit from top to bottom!

As much as I love my new sister, she had a bit of what you might call "an aroma" this morning after the events of yesterday, so that got us both our first bath. Me, I didn't cry at all. Elle, can see for yourself. But, now we smell really sweet and can get back to running the family full time.

Yeah, thats me looking happy in the bathing lounger and Elle up above! What can I say?

We have been really blessed to have friends and family help us out, send beautiful flowers, and make us some great dinners. Sure wish I could eat it but I am on a restricted ' Boob' diet and don't have any teeth yet. Anyway, thats about it from my half of the story. I love my sister and think she is pretty cute too!



Saturday, January 2, 2010

Genetic Gator Fans Dad tells me that there was no way we were gonna miss Tebow's last game! So, we donned our Gator regalia and watched the game from our room. My Dad had to explain what it meant to "get out a big ole can of 'Whup it' "really meant, but we had alot of fun!

While we were celebrating after the game, I decided to pull a prank on security and take off my monitor just to see what would happen. That got us a quick visit from security! I have already learned how fun it is to play tricks on adults! Wonder who I got that from???

Taylee told me that she felt like she needed a trip to the tanning spa and nursery this morning. Luckily, she is trying to eat better but, you know, a girl likes a trip to the spa every now and then. So, what does she do? She somehow manages to drop her temperature and it works like a charm. After about two hours 'in the sun', her temperature comes up (and her blood sugar) and she is feeling great. She is a little unhappy that if she can't pull that off again...she won't get another trip to the spa and will have to go home this afternoon.

Well, that's it from here. I don't know why my parents look so tired because we are feeling pretty great! We can't meet the rest of our family and our second cousin (?) Cori Belle in February. We still haven't been able to meet our big sisters Shelby and Kristy but really want to! Love to you all.


Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! My sister and I were up having a big party into the wee hours of the morning last night. We are having to work pretty hard to get our parents into "baby shape". We decided to play a trick on them last night. Taylee decided to stop breathing for a minute and I thought it would be fun to drop my blood sugar below 30 for a while. This got us a field trip to the Nursery and lots of attention. Luckily, Taylee started breathing right away and I got some kind of tube jammed down my nose (yuck!), but the good news was we both got some really good food from a bottle!!! I talked to Taylee about the "anorexic" thing and that she really does not need to lose anymore weight to look good in a diaper....We are now doing great and can't wait to go see our new home tomorrow. Not sure why my parents are so tired but we will continue to work on them to get them to buck up and stay with the program. Our New Years Resolution: Gain some weight and sleep more! We love all of you and can't wait to meet you!

Love, Elle Taylor Smith a.k.a. "Baby 'A'"