Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tales from Costa Rica

In the mist of cooking up some yet to be determined offspring....John took off to Costa Rica for a week of surf lessons (a.k.a. "surf camp") with his brothers Tom and Joe. Sadly, my skills only improved marginally, but progress was made. The waves were great...small at first and slowly building during the week. The experience is drastically different than our usual day to day grind at the hospital.

So, while Melissa was home enduring lots of what we fondly call "pokies" (shots), John was surfing and fishing. All of this leads me to a new Costa Rican "tale", a superstition if you like. It turns out that if you or your spouse is wont catch a Marlin..a fact that I only found out after the fact when my brothers and I spent a day fishing. Sure...we caught some small stuff, but when we actually saw a large sailfish right next to the boat and maneuvered to get it interested in our just headed the other direction! That is when the guide let me know this little known fact of Costa Rican lore! My brother Joe reminded me that it is why they call it "fishing" rather than "catching... Regardless, we had a great time.

My only cell service was if I went to a particular spot on the beach in the evening and stood very still so I could talk to Melissa every evening. I would send her these pictures of the sunset and wished that she was sharing it with me. I am ever hopeful that the costa rican superstition holds true..and we will know in a few days if that is the case.