Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the big delay in updating our blog! My Dad has been so busy that he won't let me get on the computer....Well, we have alot of exciting stuff to tell you about. Last month we went to our first wedding. We got to meet our new cousin, Cory Bell. We also got to dress up for a party at our Mama Jean and Papa's house. It was so much fun to meet new people.

We also got to see what a gator was. My daddy keeps telling us that we are gator fans, not BYU fans, but my grandpa tells us otherwise. We got all of the garb ready for the game!

My Dad got us prepared for the Gator-BYU game and did alot of trash talkin' Grandpa and Grandma got even....

Those outfits didn't make it home, as you might guess!!!!

Keeping our parents in line is an everyday challenge. However, we learned this new trick called "smiling". Works like a charm, and keeps them eating out of the palm of our hand. We also learned that "fussing" gets us to the 'well' pretty quick too. It is great to learn new ways to control your parents.

Dad decided that he is going to take us to the beach in Florida in June in his plane!!!!!Mom got us some hearing protection just in case he wasn't kidding.

Best news of all is that we got to meet our big sister Kristy, who was home from school in Mass. She is doing really well in school and about to start playing water polo. Don't really know what that is but she seemed really excited about it. We want her to come to the beach with us this summer. We hope we can meet our sister Shelby soon.

Dad bought Mom a new stroller for us named 'Bob'. Its made especially so we can go fast while Mom runs. It is a cadillac, according to Dad. We think so as well, except that we have this problem with staying awake while we are out and about.

Sorry that we haven't been able to update you lately. "Talk to the management...." We are getting bigger by the day and having a great time with new adventures all the time. Can't wait to see all of the cousins at the Beach in June.

Love to all,

Elle and Taylee