Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last weekend John and I made the "long" journey to Mesquite, NV for what we like to refer to as our family reunion. I was surprised that I was able to talk John into going since his plane was still in the our only alternative was to make the drive. This was John's first time going since last year we were on our honeymoon. John was in heaven as he was able to play two rounds of golf per day. The 2nd day they didn't quite make it through all 36 holes as it turned into quite the downpour. John also learned how to play Paigow Poker. Luckily we had some family members who were able to help us out. We even left there "big" winners, mostly because we didn't lose anything. It was super hot down there topping out at 111 degrees.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Going Green

So John and I decided to "Go Green" this summer by riding scooters rather than driving our cars. Of course there are times when a scooter just doesn't cut it such as going to the golf course and making the weekly trip to Costco. John gave me my scooter for my birthday, and then I guess we just figured that my buddy needed a buddy. I will let you decide who has the pink one and who has the red one!