Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hey, its Parker.  On December 24th, I turned 4 months old.  There certainly was a lot of hype around here about the coming of the 'Big Man' down our chimney!  Elle and Taylee had this elf that was hanging around named Mistletoe.  She would go back to the North Pole every night and tell Santa whether they deserved to be on the Nice list or the Naughty list.  Me...I'm good all the time so I wasn't too concerned.  Then, I met the big guy and he brought us all a lot of new stuff!

 I guess that my sisters have been good since they got lots of Princess stuff...They pay a lot of attention to me and fight over who gets to sit by me in the car.  They had their 3rd birthday yesterday and got to eat some ice cream! 

 Me.......I'm still on the boob!

I have been learning a bunch of new tricks.  I will smile to anyone that will pay attention to me.  I showed my Dad how I can roll over the other day but haven't figured out how to do that again.  I can clear the room with some really smelly gas...which as a boy, I'm really proud of.  I am definitely  enjoying my ZZZZZ;s, and pretty much sleep through the night.

We are all excited that our big sister Shelby is going to come visit for a few days!  We feel very lucky to be a family.  It is a full time job for me to run the family 24/7 but I am doing a good job of it.

Love, Parker

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