Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Hi Guys,

We just got back from an Easter Egg Hunt with our friends Dylan and Ty. We had a lot of fun and love our Elmo baskets. In fact my sister Elle likes her so much that she decided to pitch a fit when mom put us down for our afternoon nap until she let her take it to bed. No wonder she had the nickname "DQ" a.k.a. "Drama Queen". The best part for my was being able to play on the playground after the hunt was over. I just love to swing. I think I could stay there all day if my mom would let me. Well we have another hunt on for tomorrow as long as it isn't raining again.

Love to all,



Sharon said...

So sweet! We love those little girls!!

Sharon said...

HAHA...this is Rebecca...but Sharon loves them too!